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You said, we did: drinks in the Library

Based on feedback from Library users, we have changed our drinks policy for a trial period.

From your responses in the recent Library survey, it is clear that drinks in the Library is a hot issue for many. We've listened to this and other feedback and changed the "bottled water only" policy to allow hot drinks with a lid for a trial period.

This means that you can now bring coffee, tea, hot water, fizzy pop and fruit juice into the Library – provided it has a secure lid.

We support the University-wide "plastic free by 2023" campaign. Please use Keep Cups and re-usable drinks containers rather than single-use plastics.

If you're unsure whether your drink meets the criteria of the new policy, just ask a member of library staff. The policy on food in the Library is unchanged – no food is allowed.

Please keep the study spaces clean by using the recycling bins available in all libraries and report any spillages to library staff. The Sustainability website has information on what you should put into each bin.