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All-new maths solutions videos launched

Help to solve maths problems in a range of disciplines is available thanks to alumni support.

A comprehensive range of new maths videos demonstrate worked examples across key areas, including algebra, vectors, statistics, trigonometry and more. The easy-to-follow examples tackle topics across several disciplines to help you understand and apply the maths to your own area of study.

We could create these maths resources because of donations from alumni through the Footsteps Fund. The Footsteps Fund wants to ensure that all students have the opportunity to make the most of their time at the University.

See the full range of maths solutions videos.

If you have a specific issue or want further help, come to one of our drop-in sessions. Our experienced tutors are available at the Laidlaw Library four days a week during term-time to help with any maths issue you may have.

The Library offers maths resources as part of the Skills@Library service, providing academic skills development for taught students.