Leeds University Library

Copying services

We can produce private research copies for you, provided that: 

  • the type of copying requested does not cause harm to the item
  • we are complying with copyright law (much of the archival material, and recent printed books held in Special collections, remain in copyright)
  • we are complying with relevant legislation (such as data protection). 

The above will influence whether your request for copying can be fulfilled and the method by which a copy can be made. 

How to request a copy

You will need to complete and sign a reprographics request form for any type of copying (personal photography, photocopies or digitisation) that is undertaken. The form specifies the type of copying you are undertaking or requesting and acts as a copyright declaration, detailing the reason for making the request and how the reproduction will be used.

Request forms can be submitted via email or post, you do not need to come to Special Collections in person. Please ensure that you state exactly what you would like copied on the forms, so that we are able to correctly identify the material. 

Once approved, your request will be started upon receipt of payment. We aim to complete orders within 10 working days of receiving payment.

Depending on the type of copy requested your order can be collected from Special Collections, posted or emailed.

Personal photography

There is no public photocopier in Special Collections, however, you can use your own digital camera during your visit for personal research. As with other types of copying, the physical condition of the original, limits of copyright and other legislation must be taken into account.

Special Collections staff will be able to advise you on the suitability of personal photography, and provide you with guidance.

Publishing and Reuse

If you want to reuse or publish any Special Collections material that has been copied either by yourself or Special Collections, conditions will apply and are outlined on the form.