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The Bragg notebook

Excerpt from the Bragg notebook

In 1915 William Henry Bragg, then Cavendish Professor of Physics at the University of Leeds, and his son William Lawrence Bragg were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for their work in establishing the nature of X-ray spectra and the principles of crystal analysis.

The notebook in which the Braggs recorded the results of their ground breaking experiments carried out in the summer of 1913 is held in the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds.

This resource makes available a digitised copy of the notebook, a downloadable microfilm of the notebook (PDF) and a commentary written by Chris Hammond, Institute for Materials Research at the University of Leeds, which explains the work of the Braggs, the contents of the notebook and the relationship between the results noted in the notebook and the published papers of the Braggs. Photographs of the equipment of the type used by the Braggs are included within the commentary.

Leeds University Library is grateful to the Bragg Family, the Royal Institution and the Royal Society of London for permission to reproduce the materials used in this website.