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Arthur Ransome as Craftsman

27/03/2015 11:29

We know of Arthur Ransome as a writer and journalist; but an item which has recently come to light shows a new aspect of Ransome's talents. It was in 1906, when Ransome was on holiday in t...


Japanese prints in Special Collections

16/03/2015 14:17

I'm Cate and lately I've been experiencing work in the digitisation studio, where library mater...


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LULSpColl: Happy #WorldTheatreDay ! We have some divine drama archives available for your perusal! t.co/BbAoFfmn0k

2 days ago

LULSpColl: Nice @guardian article about James Gillray t.co/CftzItbMf3 Here's a classic from our own collection t.co/RX9N5nTVkw

2 days ago

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