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Madlle La Chevaliere d'Eon de Beaumont fencing at Carlton House, 9th April 1787. From the Chevalier d'Eon Collection

New accessions July 2014

04/08/2014 09:58

July saw the arrival of some beautiful and fascinating manuscripts. Ripon Cathedral has deposited two letters patent with us from the reign of James I. The earliest, dating from 2 August 1604, is a...


Exciting find in the Joseph Wood archives

24/07/2014 14:48

Joseph Wood (1760-1821) was born in Newhouse, Yorkshire. He grew up as part of a Quaker community and became a well-travelled, Quaker minister. The illustration shows the beautiful, bright, back ...


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LULSpColl: Today marks the 41st anniversary of J R R Tolkien's death. His memory lives on in the letter we have: t.co/uWLSircoTz

16 hrs ago

LULSpColl: RT @BigBookend: @LULSpColl An Unlikely Champion. Quentin Bell by Sarah Butler t.co/6IIPumW9ls

5 days ago

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