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Publishing Prize supporting information

Rules, Terms and Conditions


  1. Proposals must be based on Doctoral theses submitted to the University of Leeds and have appeared on a pass list in 2017, 2018 or 2019.
  2. The thesis should have been awarded without corrections or subject to editorial and presentational corrections only. Applicants who received a Letter of Excellence or a strong recommendation to publish in the examiners comments will also be considered.
  3. The thesis must be of a format that works as a stand-alone text-based monograph (eg cannot be performance or practice based, or be by publication).
  4. The monograph will need to be written in English (though the underlying thesis can be in a different language).
  5. The application form must include a supporting paragraph from the PhD supervisor, and quote directly from the examiners’ report on suitability for publication.
  6. A sample chapter of the monograph should be included.
  7. The proposal should detail how the thesis would be reworked to be an effective monograph, what the audience would be, and where it will sit within the literature already published in the area.
  8. Applicants should not have already published, or look to publish, their monograph with other publishers during the selection process

Terms and conditions

  1. The successful monograph proposal(s) will be commissioned and published based on the normal peer review and selection process of the WRUP Editorial Board.
  2. Ideally, any commissioned monographs will need to be submitted as a final manuscript 8 months from the point of commissioning, but would be expected no later than 12 months.
  3. Final manuscripts will undergo a final round of peer review to inform the Editorial Board’s decision to send the manuscript into production.
  4. The decisions whether to shortlist, commission and take to production will be based on the quality of the monograph proposal/manuscript and not the quality of the thesis on which the monograph is based.
  5. The WRUP Editorial Board reserves the right to require revisions as suggested by the peer review process or their own discussions on the project. If an author chooses not to engage with the editorial process and make the required revisions, the Editorial Board may choose not to commission the volume or to send to production.
  6. The decisions of the shortlisting body and the WRUP Editorial Board are final.
  7. As an open access not-for-profit publisher, WRUP will publish the monograph under a Creative Commons licence to facilitate the sharing and reuse of the content. The ownership of the content will remain with the author.
  8. The author will undertake to secure all relevant permissions to use 3rd party content in the final published volume (images, text from other sources etc). These permissions will differ from those needed for use in the original thesis.
  9. The publishing element of the prize has no financial equivalent, and no profit will be made from the sale or distribution of the monograph for WRUP or the author.
  10. It will not be possible to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.