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New Library "beta" website now live

Use the new website and tell us what you think

We've spent the last year building a new library website. The new site is based on user testing along with feedback from staff and students.

Try the new library beta website and give us your feedback

What is a "beta" website?

The "beta" label means you're looking at the first version of the website. During the beta phase we are continually testing and improving the site in response to feedback.

This beta website is available at the same time as the existing site so that you can choose which one to use.

In the new year after exams, the beta site will become the main library website and the current site will be shut down.

How has the new site been built?

In October 2016, we ran a web survey asking for your opinions on the existing site. We then ran more user research and testing on the navigation structure of the site. The results of this testing produced the new website headings and the groups of content beneath them.

The Library and IT worked together to design and build the different parts of the new site. We looked at every page and reviewed and edited the content to be as clear as possible.

Over the past month, we have run 39 individual testing sessions with staff and students on the new site. This has given us valuable insights into how the new site works for different types of user. We're using the information gathered to make some design and content changes. Some changes have already happened, and some are in the pipeline.

The last stage is to open the site up in a beta phase to a wider audience, to get a last set of feedback. We'll use this to make the site as good as we can, before switching off the current website and replacing it with the new one.