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Are you ready for resits?

There’s exam and revision support, help from Skills@Library and resources for preparing for online exams to make your resits a success.

With resits starting next week, you might be looking for that extra push to get you over the finish line – we’re here with all kinds of support to help you ace your resits.

Revision techniques

Our revision and exams resources have a number of different methods for revising which can help turn your lecture notes into something that can help you revise. Note-making is integral to learning and understanding, if want to try some alternative techniques, we’ve got some note-making examples for you. There are even some specific suggestions to help you prepare for online exams.

Our exam and revision padlet collects lots of helpful resources and ebooks that might give you the edge.

There is even more advice on how to get resit ready over at our blog.

Read “August resits? Skills@Library can help!” at the Library blog

Prepare yourself and your environment

Think back to your last set of online exams, what worked for you? Was there anything that you think may have hindered your performance? This is your chance to make some changes.

There is support on preparing yourself and your environment in our online open exams resource. Remember to make yourself as comfortable as possible and don’t forget that you don’t necessarily need to use the full time allotted for the online exam.

If you are in Leeds then you can book a study session in the Library to complete your online exam in a calm and quiet environment with wifi. There is currently lots of space in the Library and you can book up to seven hour sessions. Just remember to make sure you’re following the latest Covid-safety measures in place.

Visit our study space webpage for details on how to book

Skills@Library support

There is personal support available online from Skills@Library if you need some individual help. Our experienced learning advisors can help you to develop a revision strategy and prepare for your online exams. There’s even maths and statistics support available on a one-on-one basis too.

Good luck!