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Three people stand looking at paper maps of the public art trail. A large abstract sculpture is in front of them.

Grab your headphones and explore the University’s public art with the new audio trail.

A hand drawn image of a person riding a horse. To the left is a sign that reads 'You are entering Fantasy Land twinned with Cloud Nine'. On the right is a sign with a picture of a person that reads, 'This is an equal opportunities kingdom'.

A new collection of feminist, grassroots material joins our Special Collections.

Two writing mentors receive award

Skills@Library wins the award for Student-Staff Partnership of the Year.

Artist Mohammed Barrangi flicking through a book of designs.

Immerse Yourself in Mohammad Barrangi's Artistic Odyssey at The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery.

Students study in Edward Boyle Library

Everything you need to revise... and where to find it.