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Red banner with black, yellow and white shapes. Black text reads, 'Welcome. 2024 Fresh Start Festival'. White text reads, '29 January - 4 February'. On the left, is the Leeds University Union logo and on the right is the University of Leeds logo.

Refresh your mind. Reflect on your learning gaps. And reserve your spot in our welcoming workshops.

A student is sat at desk in the Brotherton West Building. Their laptop is to the left of them connected to a docking station. The student is looking ahead at a large monitor while using a keyboard and mouse.

Plug in and power up your laptop with a large monitor, keyboard and mouse.

A student is sat at a desk in the Laidlaw Library. They are writing notes in front of a laptop.

Welcome back. It’s a new year and assessments are here.

A young child is playing with a toy stage. The child is holding a character in one hand and resting their head with their other hand. In front of the stage are several candles stood in a row.

These free picks are guaranteed to make your holidays jolly!

A close-up of a red bauble on a Christmas tree

Our warm study spaces and library services are available for research and revision over the holiday season.