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Activism and racism; cataloguing the Romany Collections

21/03/2017 08:56

To date, the Romany Collections that have been catalogued have mainly offered a more celebratory, sometimes romanticised view of life for Gypsies, Travellers and Roma. In contrast as cataloguing conti...


Juliette Drouet Letters in Special Collections

18/03/2017 12:35

Special Collections holds over 440 letters written by Juliette Drouet (1806-1883) to Victor Hugo (1802-1885). This is the largest collection of her letters outside France, and is of international si...


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UoLTreasures: This week's #ReadingRoomInsight the team found these lovely watercolours of New York. t.co/6pHKBSnnHZ

12 hrs ago

UoLTreasures: From the archives; evidence in the Romany Collections of racism experienced by Gypsy, Traveller & Roma Communities… t.co/iRm4SkZHKx

1 day ago

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