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The Lady with the Lamp: Florence Nightingale letters now online

28/03/2017 16:01

Special Collections holds six complete and five partial letters from the famous nursing reformer, which have now been digitised and made available on our catalogue. Explore the Florence Nightinga...


Activism and racism; cataloguing the Romany Collections

21/03/2017 08:56

To date, the Romany Collections that have been catalogued have mainly offered a more celebratory, sometimes romanticised view of life for Gypsies, Travellers and Roma. In contrast as cataloguing conti...


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UoLTreasures: "Always interesting to see old books and to learn about their history" - we agree with this visitor's comment! t.co/btTxnbPuRN

1 hr ago

UoLTreasures: More cataloguing has been done on the Tony Harrison archive! Available online & for research in Special Collections… t.co/AM9ek1xOzD

2 hrs ago

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