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Digitisation - Bingley's cellulose nitrate negatives

10/08/2016 09:35

One of the ongoing projects in the digitisation studio is to scan negatives from the Godfrey Bingley collection. Previously the studio has scanned his glass plate negatives. This project focuses on Bi...


All change in the Treasures Gallery!

09/08/2016 13:58

In July and August we celebrated a few milestones. During the Leeds International Medieval Congress in July we welcomed our 10,000th visitor to the Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery - we think it wa...


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UoLTreasures: #ReadingRoomInsight shows the team rolling a large map of Malham from our Yorkshire Archaeological Societycollection t.co/J7gARY6k5m

10m ago

UoLTreasures: Lucky us! Poet Ian McMillan will be at our Shakespeare display launch. Come join us! t.co/qPh5ll7gZr t.co/RqxYDkYScC

6 hrs ago

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