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#1 Letter addressed from 'Haworth nr Bradford'.
#2 Letter addressed from 'Haworth nr Bradford'.
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Letter 4: Letter from Branwell Brontë to Joseph Bentley Leyland, 10 August 1842 (BC MS 19c Brontë/02/01/04)

Later annotations in pencil in unknown hand in the top right corner. 15[?]

Haworth nr Bradford
August 10th

Dear Sir,

Mr John Brown begs to ask, through me,
whether you would be kind enough to send him, by an
early opportunity, a small quantity of materials for black -
ing and removing the colour from white marble; as he has
some lettering now on hand.

Your work at Haworth has given to all who
have seen it the most unqualified satisfaction even where
they understood nothing of its real merit; and of that crew
you must expect more than of any other.

When you see Mr Constable - to whom I
shall write directly - be kind enough to tell him that -
owing to my absence from home when it arrived, and to the
carelessness of those who neglected to give it to me on my return -
I have only now received his note. Its injunctions shall
be gladly attended to; but he would better please me by
refraining from any slurs on the fair fame of Charles Free -
man, or Benjamin Caunt Esqrs.
Yours, most respectfully & sincerely,
P. B. Bronte Note: Blank Page