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#1 Letter signed 'Northangerland'.
#2 Letter signed 'Northangerland'.
© University of Leeds

Letter 20: Letter from Branwell Brontë to Joseph Bentley Leyland, c.1848 (BC MS 19c Brontë/02/01/20)

172For mercies sake …

Note: 172

For mercies sake come and
see me, for I have sought for
you till I dare not risk my knee
and my eyesight any more this

I shall have a bad evening and night if
I do not see you but I hardly know where
to send the bearer of this note, so as to
enable him to catch you.

Commercial room.
Old Cock.
New Market.

Later annotations in pencil in unknown hand in the lower right corner. ‘This shattered letter appears to be a ruse or affectation, the address on the other side being in P.B.B's customary hand.’

J.B. Leyland. Esqre.