Maria Brontë

The Brontë siblings' mother - Maria - had passed away in 1821 and little is known of her life. But the Brotherton collection includes a glimpse of her religious thinking in the apparently unpublished manuscript of her somewhat severe essay on 'The Advantage of Poverty in Religious Concerns'. This takes the opportunity to find spiritual gain in material loss. 'What is poverty', Maria asks, 'Nothing - or rather a something which, with the assistance, and blessing of our Gracious Master, will greatly promote our spiritual welfare, & tend to increase, & strengthen our efforts to gain that Land of pure delight' Pure delight was elsewhere for Mrs Brontë; hardship merely advantageous in drawing one closer to it: it must have been a doctrine with which the poor of Haworth were not unfamiliar.

BC MS 19c Brontë/F1

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