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Key databases for Law

If you need to find journal articles about a subject that you are researching or studying, it is important to search journal databases. Type your topic into the search screen of the database to obtain a list of relevant journal articles, and remember to look at help screens or Library guides to make the most of what is on offer.

Below is a list of journal databases which are most often used in Law. You can also see a complete list of databases for Law available from the Library.


A free site with the aim of making legal judgements freely available. Often very up to date, and increasingly featuring historic judgements selected by legal academics around the UK. BAILII also links to a number of similar sites from other countries.

Guide to using BAILII


Very strong on international law, particularly from the USA. Not all of the content goes up to the present day, but it covers a wide range of journals and legal materials not available elsewhere and has a very simple interface.

Guide to using HeinOnline

House of Commons Parliamentary papers online

Fully searchable, indexed House of Commons bills, papers and command papers from 1688-2012. There is also some supplementary material from 1688. There will be regular releases of papers from current sessions of Parliament OR A huge collection of everything placed before the House of Commons from 1688-2008/09.The papers have been scanned, and the full text can be searched.

Guide to using House of Commons Parliamentary papers online

Lexis Library

Covers law reports, legislation, legal journals and key legal commentaries such as Halsbury's Laws of England. All content is available in full text, making it a very good starting point for research. The database also contains a large quantity of international law, accessible from the sources tab once you have logged in. Updated twice a day.

Guide to using Lexis Library

Public Information Online

This database contains the full text of all House of Commons bills, House of Commons papers, command papers, House of Lords bills and House of Lords papers from session 2006/07 onwards. It also contains the full text of Public Bill and Standing Committee debates. It is updated daily.

Guide to using Public Information Online


Scopus is a large abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature from more than 18,500 journals and quality web sources, with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.

Guide to using Scopus

Web of Science

Search for journal articles using three databases; Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index and Arts and Humanities Citation Index. A current awareness service provides citation alerts for newly added journal articles. Each database is updated weekly.

Guide to using Web of Science


Contains law reports, legislation, journals and some commentary material. It covers some law reports not in Lexis, and you may need to search both databases to ensure you have covered everything. Search for international law material under the "Directory" tab, choosing the "Search all Westlaw databases" option. Particularly useful for searching for journal articles. Not all are available in full text, but many of these can be accessed through the Library Catalogue.

Guide to using Westlaw