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See our Library search help pages for search techniques and how to filter and save results.

Download our guide on improving your keyword search results (PDF).

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Journal articles

Find journal articles we subscribe to in print and online using the Library Search and choose Articles from the drop-down list. You can search by keyword, author, article title or journal name.

You can also find journal articles by searching databases. Databases find a wider range of articles in a subject area, some of which we can access and others we don't have a subscription for.

If you have problems accessing an article, see our advice under Can't find the full text?

If we do not have access to the material you need, you can order it through Document Supply or use another library.

Conference papers

Find conference papers and proceedings using Library Search and filter your search results by “conference proceedings”.

You can also search a database. Databases often contain both conference papers and journal articles. If you only want to search for conference papers use ISI Proceedings or see if you can filter your search in the database's advanced search.

Set up Google Scholar to find articles that we subscribe to

This is how to set up Google Scholar to check whether the Library subscribes to a journal:

  1. Select the settings icon (a cog) on Google Scholar.
  2. Select library links.
  3. Type “Leeds” into the search box.
  4. Select “University of Leeds – Full Text at the University of Leeds”.
  5. Save.

Once complete, a link for “Full Text at Leeds Uni” will appear beside any material we have access to.

Can't find the full text?

If you can’t find the full text, the Library may not have a subscription.

If we do subscribe to the journal and you still cannot access it:

  1. Check that you have used the correct username and password.
  2. Access the article via our Library Search links so that you are recognised as a member of the University of Leeds.

You will not be able to access the full article if you are not a member of the University of Leeds. If you are a student or member of staff from another university, check whether you have access through your own institution. Members of the public may be able to make requests for articles through their local public library.

If you only know the journal abbreviation

Sometimes you will be given a reference that includes an abbreviated journal title.

To find the full title you can use: