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European Documentation Centre

EU publications and documents

The University European Documentation Centre (EDC) is a depository of official EU information for the use of staff, students, and members of the public.

It is one of several EDCs created by the European Commission at selected universities across the world. We have been a designated EDC since 1973.

What's in the EDC

Our EDC contains:

  • EU primary and secondary legislation
  • EU case law
  • Case reports from the Court of Justice, the General Court, and the Civil Service Tribunal
  • Issues of the Official Journal of the European Union
  • COM documents (working documents of the European Commission

It is primarily a resource for members of the University of Leeds, but non-members can also use it. If you wish to use the EDC, go to the Edward Boyle Library reception desk and speak to a member of staff.

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Where is the EDC?

You can find the EDC in the Edward Boyle Library.

Some older material is in the Library store. Request access to these documents by using the “In Store – request here” link on the documents record in the Library search. The turnaround time for requests is usually a minimum of two working days.