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Psychology tests

You can find psychology tests at Leeds University Library in reference books and by searching the PsychINFO database. The University Institute of Psychological Sciences also has a test library (ask at the Institute’s reception).

Using reference books

The library holds a number of useful reference books to help you find a relevant test. Most of these are in the Health Sciences Library.

Some of the most useful ones are:

Using PsycINFO to find tests

When searching PsycINFO for tests, use limits to refine your searches. When you have performed a search the "Additional Limits" button will become live: click on this to see your options.

Limiting your search to "Tests and Measures" will restrict search results to documents that are specifically about a particular test or measurement instrument. This is a good way to eliminate studies that used a specific test or measurement as methodology, but which are actually about another topic.

You can also limit your search by classification code. Code 2220 is "Tests and Testing" and codes 2221 to 2229 cover specific types eg 2224 is "Clinical Psychological Testing".

Institute Test Library

The Institute of Psychological Sciences has a test library. Ask at the Institute's reception desk for more information.

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