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Library search help

Save and export references

The saved items feature lets you save citations in a temporary folder. From the folder you can view, email, print and export them.

The folder exists for each search session only - when you move away from the library search it will not remember your saved items. You can perform a number of searches and save to the same folder.

Save items

There is a folder icon next to every result, to the right of the title. Click the folder to save the item.

View, email, print and export items

The Saved Items folder is at the top right of the search results page in the search banner.

Within the folder there is the options to export, print or email saved results.

There is a choice to format the reference details as shown, or in the APA referencing style. Unfortunately we cannot provide results in Leeds Harvard or Leeds Numeric styles.

You can choose to export to EndNote or a different reference management software.