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On p42 [with respect to the structure of sulphur] WHB writes: "imagine a face centred lattice (call it the 'block') edges a, b and c and that 16 atoms of sulphur are in each block... Hence reflections should occur at the following angles (by law sin θ = λ /2d)".

The above calculated and experimental data and the sketch of the sulphur 'block' in the notebook are reproduced exactly in the paper by WHB on the X-ray Spectra given by Crystals of Sulphur and Quartz(17) and in which it is pointed out that the agreement is satisfactory except for the calculated (1.33°) and observed (10.5°) angles for the (001) reflection. A full structural analysis is not attempted, although WHB states [correctly] that the x8 discrepancy is explained on the basis that 8 lattices derived by 8 equal translations along the c-axis leads all spectra to disappear except the 8th.