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Official publications of international organisations

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The OECD brings together 34 member countries that share the principles of the market economy, democracy and respect for human rights. It is a unique forum to discuss, develop and perfect economic and social policy.

OECD iLibrary is the online publications portal of the OECD. It gives full-text access to books, papers and statistics.

The Library also has print copies of many OECD publications up to 2010. These are listed in Search@Library and are shelved in a separate section in the Brotherton Library (West building floor 3). Individual titles of the main OECD come first in a "Miscellaneous" sequence arranged alphabetically by title, followed by series titles and periodicals. There then follows the publications of associated bodies, eg the Nuclear Energy Agency.

Older OECD publications can also be found in other sections of the Library. Check Search@Library for full details and location.

United Nations

The United Nations was founded on 24 October 1945 by 51 countries committed to preserving peace through international co-operation and collective security. Today there are 193 member countries. On joining, every state agrees to accept the obligations of the UN Charter.

The Library only has a selection of United Nations publications. Most are shelved in a separate section of Official Publications in the Brotherton Library (West building floor 2). A minority are in other parts of the Library and some older publications are housed in the Library Store. All UN publications are listed in the Search@Library.

Other international organisations

The Library has many publications from other international and inter-governmental organisations such as the World Bank, UNESCO and the World Health Organization. Most of these publications are incorporated into the regular stock and shelved with the appropriate subject (eg Economics, Education, etc). Check Search@Library for full details and location.

Official publications and documents of the institutions of the European Union, including legislation, proposals, reports, statistics and general publications, are kept in the European Documentation Centre

Catalogues and indexes

Use one of the following catalogues and indexes to find the full details of a publication by an international organisation:

  • Search@Library (click on the item to view the full record)
  • Stationery Office Agency Catalogue
  • UKOP
    Although predominantly a catalogue of UK official publications, the database includes details of the publications of selected international organisations for which the Stationery Office is the official distributor. Coverage is 1980 onwards
  • OECD Online Bookshop.