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Hours of Antoine de Crèvecoeur


Our Special Collections are distinctive because they are not confined to a particular time or subject. The selections presented here are definable as treasures due to their value, rarity or distinctiveness.


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Use this resource to explore the University of Leeds Brotherton Collection digital First Folio, to find out more about the significance of the book, and the history of this particular copy.


Brotherton Collection MS 18, fol. 7r

Medieval illuminated manuscripts

Explore digitised images of medieval manuscript illumination. Find out more about the significant provenances of the manuscripts, and how they came to the University of Leeds Library.


Ovid Opera Volume 3 G3r (detail)

The works of Ovid

Learn about the remarkable Brotherton Collection copy of the works of Ovid, printed in Parma in 1477. Discover who owned the books, and who might have added the hundreds of marginal annotations and colourful illustrations.


Women of Britain say 'Go'

War propaganda

A selection of propaganda posters from the First World War, part of the Liddle Collection in Special Collections at Leeds University Library


Excerpt from the Bragg notebook

Bragg notebook

Explore the notebook in which William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg recorded the results of their Nobel prize-winning experiments carried out in the summer of 1913.


Gawain evolving drafts once crop

Simon Armitage

Notes and drafts for Simon Armitage's translation of 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' show how his working practices evolved as he worked on the poem.


Harrison p54 Bottom Layer crop

Tony Harrison

Trace the development of Tony Harrison's poem 'Them & [uz]' through the series of evolving drafts contained in several pages of one of his notebooks.


Poetry and Audience Edition 11, 29 August 1963

Poetry and Audience

Exploring the evolving design of the pioneering Poetry and Audience magazine. An online exhibition from Special Collections at Leeds University Library.


Melvyn Bragg delivering a lecture on the King James bible

Leeds lives

Notable people linked with the University of Leeds and its Library.


Laban detail from Titan floorplan

Rudolf Laban his life and work

Rudolf Laban's life as told through archives in Leeds University Special Collections.


Plum Pudding Mrs Beeton Colour

Recipes of Christmas past

View examples from books in the University of Leeds Cookery Collection illustrating the stories behind some traditional Christmas dishes, and look at the variety of ways in which people have celebrated Christmas over the centuries.


Drouet Letters Sketch crop

Juliette Drouet letters to Victor Hugo

Discover highlights from the collection of over 400 letters written to Victor Hugo by Juliette Drouet held in Special Collections.



Menasseh ben Israel

Explore the work of Menasseh Ben Israel, rabbi, scholar, philosopher, diplomat and Hebrew printer, through books in the Cecil Roth Collection.



Editorial Introduction to the Brontë Family manuscripts

An introduction to the range of manuscripts and letters found in the Bronte Family collection by Professor Francis O'Gorman.


Jon Silkin Portrait

Writing 'The Coldness'

Drafts and a letter from the Jon Silkin Archive giving an account of his poem 'The Coldness' and how he came to write it.


Branwell Bronte letter fragment

The Letters of Branwell Brontë

Explore the Brotherton Collection of letters written by Branwell Brontë.


Freemantle portrait

The Freemantle Collection

Guide to the Freemantle Collection in the Leeds University Special Collections and the significant materials that can be found within.