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Help accessing online resources

Accessing online resources

The Library provides current staff and students with access to a catalogue of electronic resources, such as articles, databases, ebooks and ejournals. Sometimes these resources are completely or partially hidden, with the content restricted behind a paywall or subscription requirement.

Here’s the tools, browser plugins and methods that we recommend so that you can access eresources successfully. 

Using Library Search for online resources

The best way to access these resources is through the Library Search, as this will ensure you are recognised as a member of the University of Leeds, especially if you are off-campus. 

You may need your University username and password. 

A smaller number of resources are available for NHS, graduates, and other external users (including staff and students of the Colleges and Affiliated Colleges of the University). These are restricted because of the limits of publisher licence agreements. 

Find out more about what our different types of members can access

Understand how publisher licence agreements affect your use of our eresources. 

Can’t find it?

If you can't access the resource, the Library may not have a subscription. Check if we subscribe using the Library Search. 

If we do subscribe to the journal and you still cannot access it, check that you have used the correct username and password. 

Get in touch if you continue to have issues accessing the resource. 

If you are a student or member of staff from another university, check whether you have access through your own institution’s library service. 

Members of the public may be able to make requests for articles through their local public library.