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White Rose University Press

The White Rose University Press logo. Underneath reads, 'Universities of Leeds, Sheffield & York'.

White Rose University Press (WRUP) is the University of Leeds’ in-house university press. Run jointly with the Universities of Sheffield and York, WRUP is a non-profit publisher of open access journals and books. The press accepts proposals from across the academic community and a wide range of disciplines.

I have found working with WRUP to be a very positive experience. From the start there was a good dialogue about what the scope and aim of the book should be. The peer review and editorial process were focused, thorough and constructive. I was really pleased with the way that the final book looked in terms of images and layout, as both EPUB and PDF. And open access publication makes your book widely and freely available to everyone.

Richard Hibbitt, editor of Oysters, nightingales and cooking pots and Two Sides of the Straits: An Anthology of Gallipoli Poems in English and Turkish.

Benefits of publishing with WRUP

WRUP can support you in publishing high quality, open access academic journals and books. Publishing research open access can benefit authors in many ways. As a non-commercial publisher, WRUP focuses on the quality of, and academic contribution made by, your research. Publishing open access ensures your work eaches as many people as possible. Once published, your work will be freely accessible online in a range of formats, with a print on demand option for books. Publishing this way increases the likelihood of researchers reading and citing your work. The copyright of all WRUPs publications remains with the author(s), and is protected by an appropriate Creative Commons licence.

WRUP is very committed to the academic quality of its publications. Prior to commissioning, all proposals are peer reviewed and then assessed by the WRUP Editorial Board. The board is composed of experienced academics from the White Rose Universities, including Prof Nick Plant, Dr Samantha Pugh and Prof S Sayyid from the University of Leeds.

WRUP sets the standard for open access publishing, helping authors to develop digital-first publications that can showcase their research in a dynamic, innovative way.

Professor Nick Plant, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Innovation at University of Leeds and editorial board member.

The WRUP team supports you at every step of the publishing process. This includes peer review, commissioning, production and marketing. If you have any questions about open access, relating to a publication or not, the WRUP team is happy to answer these.

Our commitment to open access

Open access increases visibility of publications with as few restrictions as possible. It also allows research to be shared and built on in new ways. The benefits include more citations and downloads, and the acceleration of further research through greater collaboration and the global exchange of research ideas.

WRUP is a key element of the university's commitment to open research.

University research creates new knowledge that changes how we think about the world. It is critical that this knowledge is shared. It must reach the people that it can influence, those who can act upon it and make a positive contribution to society. This is why open access publishing is so important; it means that knowledge is not hidden behind paywalls but rather free to anyone who wants to access it.

Professor Nick Plant, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Innovation at University of Leeds and editorial board member.

Read more benefits to the authors, society and the global research community.


WRUP is a non-profit gold open access press. Its publishing charges cover only the work done in the publishing process. For Leeds authors without other sources of funding, WRUP offers a waiver fund to help subsidise some or all of the processing costs. Contact WRUP colleagues to find out more on this.


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Here are the some of the latest WRUP publications from the University of Leeds:

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Get involved

University of Leeds researchers can get involved with the Press in a number of ways. To explore the process of publishing with WRUP, find more information here or contact the Press via email on WRUP are also happy to discuss any aspects of the WRUP publishing process or open access generally with individual academics or departments.