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Library regulations

Leeds University Library regulations

This section has been prepared so that users of the Library may be informed about the rules governing use of the Library.



The Library Regulations have been approved by the University authorities, with the aim of giving all Library users the opportunity to make the fullest use of one of the University's most valuable resources, a Library of over 2.8 million books and other items, with more than 40,000 members. Ignorance of the Regulations may lead to inconvenience for other users and to fines or other penalties for you, so please take the trouble to read them.

The Regulations describe what we expect of you in your dealings with the Library. Equally, they show what you may expect from us. Please note especially Regulations 16 and 30, which forbid the lending of your Library card to anyone else, and the passing on of Library books to other people. It is also well worth remembering Regulation 33, about the recall of Library books. Failure to adhere to these Regulations can result in heavy fines.

The Regulations do not attempt to cover every eventuality. We recognise that there are often cases when a strict interpretation of the rules is not justified. For example, although fines are levied for the late return of books, there may be a good reason for the late return (eg sickness, or unavoidable and unforeseen absence). In such cases, fines may be reduced or waived altogether.

If you foresee difficulty in returning your books on time or in answering a recall notice promptly, speak to the Library staff about the problem as soon as possible. Remember, though, that the fact that you have not yet finished with a book is not acceptable as a reason for not returning it when recalled.

The borrowing entitlement for each category of user is set out on the Library website. Regulation 36, however, allows the Librarian to grant special facilities to any user. If you think you can demonstrate a definite need for an increase in the number of books you can borrow, for example, please contact the Customer Services Teams' Leader.

In short, the Regulations help to ensure that you can get the books you need, and within a reasonable time. If they seem to be preventing you from using the Library as fully as possible, we shall be as flexible as we can without hindering other users. In return, we expect you to help us by returning books promptly (especially when they have been recalled), and not lending your card or Library books to anyone else.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the Library and its services, please use the suggestions boxes available in any of the Libraries, or the online feedback form.

Finally, if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, please write to:

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1–9 General

1. Use of the Library is normally permitted to registered users only and is conditional on the observance of its Regulations. All registered users are presumed to know these Regulations, which are included in the Student Handbooks and available on the Library website. These Regulations may be amended from time to time by the University Librarian.

2. Throughout the Regulations the term "Library" means all or any of the Libraries which form the University Library; the word "card" means a University of Leeds student card, staff card or library card; and, unless stated otherwise, the term "book" means any book or other material in the custody of the Librarian.

3. Any modifications of these Regulations or any special regulations applying to a particular Library are displayed in the Library concerned and on the Library website. Information about the consultation of materials from Special Collections, and for the use of various Library services, is available in the Library at the relevant service points and on the Library website.

4. The opening hours of the Library will be as determined from time to time. The hours when each Library is open are displayed at the entrance to that Library and on the Library website. Opening hours of particular collections or services within a Library may differ and are displayed at those collections or services and on their webpages.

5. The Librarian is authorised to levy a charge for specific services, as displayed at those service points and on the Library website.

6. The Librarian may temporarily suspend access to any part of the collection or any section of the Library at any time to facilitate work on the collections or fabric of the Library; where possible, arrangements will be made to allow users access to material they require.

7. The Librarian is authorised to suspend the Library privileges of any person and to impose appropriate penalties for breaches of the Regulations. Any action taken under this Regulation may be reported to the appropriate authorities. Any person wishing to appeal against the Librarian's decision must write to the Vice-Chancellor within 14 days of the decision, stating the grounds of the appeal.

8. Users of the Library consent to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of administrating their membership and use of the Library. This data will be retained during the user's membership or use of the Library and for up to 12 months afterwards, and will not be passed on to third parties without the user's consent except as permitted by the University's Code of Practice on Data Protection. Any person who wishes to withdraw such consent or has any queries relating to the use of their personal data should contact the Customer Services Teams' Leader.

9. The Library will send notices, including recall notices for books on loan, to the user's address known to the Library. Internal University addresses will be used for all staff and students, except that for Undergraduate students in vacations their permanent address will be used. If a user has agreed to receive communications by email, postal communications will not normally be sent. It is the responsibility of external users to notify the Library of any change of address, temporary or permanent, for receipt of their Library mail.

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10–16 Admission

10. Members of the Court, Emeritus Professors, Life Fellows, members of staff of the University, and registered students of the University, together with any others who are, or who have privileges as, members of the University, are entitled to the use of the Library.

11. Graduates of the University, including Post Graduate Certificate of Education and Diploma students who have pursued a course of study for not less than the equivalent of one year full-time, may use the Library for academic and scholarly purposes. A fee may be charged for borrowing privileges.

12. Staff and students of Colleges of the University and institutions affiliated to it are entitled to use the Library in accordance with the terms of the agreement between their institution and the Library.

13. Members of an institution who are accorded the use of the Library in virtue of an agreement between that institution and the University (for example the Sconul Access Scheme) must conform to the Regulations of the Library subject to any modifications in that agreement.

14. Other persons may be allowed by the Librarian to read in the Library on stating the subject of their studies and on producing a satisfactory recommendation. In special cases at the discretion of the Librarian they may also be allowed to borrow books. In either case, the Librarian has the discretion to charge an appropriate fee for such privileges or for particular services.

15. Admission to closed collections is at the discretion of the Librarian and subject to the separate Regulations governing those collections; admission to them does not of itself imply permission to use other parts of the Library's collections.

16. A Library card is issued for the use only of the person named on it; it must not be lent to or transferred to or used by any other person.

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17–29 Conduct

17. Persons using the Library should at all times carry with them their Library card, which they must show to any member of Library staff when requested to do so. Admission may be refused, or the user may be asked to leave the Library, if a valid card cannot be shown.

18. Any behaviour likely to disturb or inconvenience other users or be detrimental to the contents or fabric of the Library is forbidden. Users should respect designated silent areas and keep noise to a minimum elsewhere. Mobile telephones, personal stereos, handheld and laptop computers may only be used if they do not generate sounds audible to other users.

19. Users must not write in or otherwise damage books belonging to the Library. Any damage to, or loss of, books must be made good to the satisfaction of the Librarian.

20. All members of the Library staff are authorised to inspect any books in the possession of users leaving the Library.

21. Smoking and eating are not permitted anywhere within the Library. Drinks with lids are permitted.

22. Animals (other than guide dogs) may not be brought into the Library.

23. The reservation of seats is not permitted. Books and other articles left unattended for any length of time may be removed by the Library staff.

24. The University accepts no responsibility for loss or theft of, or damage to, personal belongings left anywhere in the Library at any time.

25. Users may use mains powered equipment such as laptops within the Library, but use is conditional upon the owner's acceptance of responsibility for any damage to University property caused by their equipment.

26. Users wishing to use cameras or other recording equipment in the Library should ask permission from the Customer Services Teams' Leader. External users will also require permission from the University Press Office. Users using digital cameras, personal scanners or similar equipment to copy Library materials must observe the law of copyright and not cause inconvenience to other users.

27. Users must leave the Library by closing time, immediately on hearing the fire alarm, when required to do so in an emergency, or when asked to leave by a member of Library staff.

28. Users should immediately report any accident, theft or other incident to a member of the Library staff. Users should not behave in any way that might jeopardise their own health and safety or that of others.

29. Users must abide by the Library's User Behaviour Policy. Users contravening this policy or behaving inappropriately in any other way will be asked to desist and may be required to leave the Library. Fines may be charged for persistent unacceptable conduct.

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30–39 Borrowing

30. No book may be removed from the Library or kept in a study unless a record of its loan has been made by a member of the Library staff, or via the self-check system. Library users will be held responsible for all books issued to their Library records as long as the issue record for those books remains un-cancelled. Books on loan are for the personal use of the borrower only, and must not be passed on to any person, whether entitled to use the Library or not, except with the special permission of the Librarian. Users will be responsible for any use made of any borrower's card issued to them. If the card is lost, the user will remain responsible until the Library is informed of the loss. Replacement student cards can be purchased from Central Student Administration. Replacement staff cards can be obtained from Media Services. External users should request a replacement card at a Library enquiry desk. A charge may be made to cover the cost of replacing a lost card.

31. Books (with the exception of those marked "One day loan" or "Not to be borrowed" or "Reference") may be kept until they are requested by another user. The Librarian may vary the loan period or withhold or restrict the circulation of any book in the Library.

32. Books marked "Not to be borrowed" or "Reference" may not be taken out of the Library.

33. Books on loan, except those marked "One-day loan" or "High Demand Collection", will be automatically renewed on a rolling 7-day period, if they are not required by another user. A user may check their books’ status by accessing their Library record online.

34. A book on loan may be recalled by the Library at any time, and the book must then be returned to the Library by the date specified on the recall notice, regardless of the date stamped in the book or notified to the user at the time of issue or renewal. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that they are in a position to respond promptly to recall notices.

35. Fines are levied for the late return of items, in accordance with notices displayed in the Library and on the Library website. A user may check their Library record online, which lists any outstanding charges, and may pay those charges at a Library enquiry desk, by telephone, or online. Users who fail to return books may be invoiced for the accumulated fines and the cost of replacement, and their borrowing rights may be suspended.

36. No person shall borrow a book from the Library if the maximum fines threshold has been reached.

37. The Librarian may grant special facilities during a limited time to any person entitled to the use of the Library.

38. Students who have taken their final examinations or submitted their theses cease to have borrowing privileges. Upon graduation they may register as graduate members under Regulation 8.

39. Books borrowed from other libraries through the document supply service are subject in each case to the conditions imposed by the lending library.

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40. Users must observe the law of copyright and the terms of any licences for material they use. Information about copyright and about the University's licence agreements with the Copyright Licensing Agency and other organisations covering print, audio visual and electronic materials, is available on the Copyright and licences section of the Library website. By registering to use the Library, users agree to abide by copyright legislation, as specified in the Copyright Acknowledgement.

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