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Health and safety policy statement

The University Library has adopted the University of Leeds Health and Safety Policy in its entirety; the Head of Service (University Librarian and Keeper of the Brotherton Collection) and line managers recognise and accept their role and responsibilities as outlined therein.

The Library is fully committed to the Health, Safety and Welfare of its staff, students and visitors, recognising Health and Safety Management is one of its highest priorities. The Library views Health and Safety as a core function, fundamental to many of its activities.

The purpose of this Statement and the Library Health and Safety Management Objectives and Operational Plans are to achieve full compliance with the University strategy and vision whilst addressing specific needs at service level. These plans along with the safety management system provide the framework for setting the objectives and enable the Head of Service to effectively monitor and review the progress against agreed plans and amend them as required to ensure commitment to:

  • achieving legal compliance as a minimum
  • complying with all aspects of the University Policy which addresses all the HASMAP (Health and Safety Management Profile) University audit system indicators and themes
  • complying with all aspects of the University Protocols and arrangements
  • continuously improve occupational health and safety performance
  • ensure that the service plans and risk management systems cover the scope of the
  • services activities and hazards
  • ensure effective risk management systems are in place to prevent injury and ill
  • health
  • ensure effective communication of the policy statement and arrangement to all
  • persons working under the control of the service
  • ensure staff (and where appropriate student) health and safety representatives are
  • consulted
  • ensure adequate resources are allocated to support health and safety
  • ensure that competent staff are appointed and specialist advice is also available
  • regularly monitor and review occupational health and safety performance and take
  • action where improvements are required
  • review the health and safety policy statement annually or whenever there is a
  • significant change.