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Public sector information regulations

Statement of Public Task

If you wish to apply for access to our information under the Reuse of Public Sector Information Regulations please email:

Leeds University Library's public task is to provide these services to university staff and students. Services provided to others, such as members of the public, fall outside of this remit and are, therefore, outside of the scope of the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015.

Leeds University Library is one of the major academic research libraries of the UK, attracting students and scholars from around the world to its rich and extensive print, online and manuscript collections gathered during its 100-year history.

Leeds University Library provides library support to students and staff at the University of Leeds in many different ways:

Student Education

  1. Provide access to essential learning materials
  2. Provide opportunities for students to develop academic skills
  3. Work in partnership with schools and faculties to develop and support research-led and research-based teaching


  1. Support the development of new research through collections and services
  2. Make the research outputs of the University more visible through Open Access
  3. Provide services to make the process of research more efficient
  4. Provide training and services to support the development of postgraduate students and researchers


  1. Develop and manage our Special Collections in support of learning, teaching and research
  2. Use our collections to inspire and engage locally, nationally and internationally
  3. Ensure core collections remain accessible for future generations
  4. Provide access to the University Archive

Study Space

  1. Provide virtual environments to support services for teaching, learning and research as well as access to resources
  2. Support the development, dissemination and preservation of digital collections
  3. Provide flagship study spaces tailored to the varied needs of all our students and staff

This statement is reviewed every four years and is due to be considered again in 2019.

Digitisation and reuse of materials

View charges for digitisation and copying of material.

Leeds University Library reserves the right to refuse requests for reuse of information under the Directive where valid exceptions apply. Should this occur, the reason for refusal will be clearly explained, along with details on how to appeal that decision.

Please use the feedback form if you wish to provide feedback on the service you have received.