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Student Libraries

Collection development and acquisitions

In addition to making resources available to support taught modules, the Libraries actively seek out material to enhance the breadth, depth and the diversity of voices represented in the collections.

The Collection Development Policy 2023–2025 sets out thematic areas for development, methods of collecting and the principles we adhere to. The Libraries Executive Team has oversight and acts as the governing body for the policy.

There is an annual meeting of the Brotherton Collection Advisory Committee, formed of University and non-University members, which advises on development of our special collections. The Special Collections & Galleries’ Acquisitions Group manages the process of offers and acquisitions. The curatorial teams within Special Collections & Galleries manage and care for the cultural collections.

The cultural collections are open to all, in the Brotherton Research Centre in the Brotherton Library, the Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery and The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery. For those unable to visit due to distance or mobility issues, we provide virtual consultations or research-quality digital imaging services.

A man stands staring at 3 brightly coloured paintings in The Stanley &   Audrey Burton Gallery