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Jane Saunders

Jane is responsible for the Library's main research and teaching collections. (Rare books and archives fall under the remit of our Special Collections). She manages the Library's information resources budget, which buys the books, journals, databases and digitised collections to support research and teaching across the University. A key part of Jane’s remit is to ensure that collections are accessible and kept in good condition. She manages the digitisation of the Library’s collections so that they can be more easily found and used, and she is keen to improve the search and discovery tools available to Library users.

Jane is interested in tools and schemes that help libraries to assess their collections. This assessment can form a basis for decisions around collection development and management. She is a member of the Jisc Collection Management Community Advisory Board, the White Rose Libraries Steering Group and the White Rose Collection Management Group.

Jane's past roles in the Library include Head of Access and Operations. In this capacity she played a leading role in the construction of the new Laidlaw Library (opened in May 2015) and the refurbishment of the Edward Boyle Library (completed January 2017).

Before that, Jane led the Library’s Customer Services section. She has also worked as a subject librarian in the areas of business and economics, education and history. Prior to working for Leeds University Libraries, Jane held posts at Doncaster College Library, Sheffield Hallam University Library, SINTO: the South Yorkshire Library Cooperative and at the Ministry of Education in Guyana.