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Websites can be a really useful source of information.
They can help you to find:
  • basic information to aid your understanding of an unfamiliar topic
  • information about a specific product, person, company or project
  • government publications
  • news.

A search engine like Google can be a good starting point, but remember that anyone can publish on the web. You may find a useful up-to-date document from a reputable organisation like the Department of Health, but you could just as easily find unreliable results from an anonymous website which is no longer maintained. 

Evaluating websites

It is important to assess the quality of information you find on the web. Consider who produced the content, when it was written, and what the source of the information is before using websites in your work. 

You can use the Skills@Library evaluating information checklist (PDF) to help you judge the quality and relevance of information sources.