Leeds University Library

Study spaces

Silent study

Silent study areas are provided in all main campus libraries, and there should be no talking or other noise in these areas. The use of mobile phones, other than for silent texting, is not allowed.

These areas are marked in blue on the Library floorplans.

No eating, phones or talking

Group study areas

Group study areas are available for discussion and collaboration and provided in all main campus libraries. 

These are marked in orange on the Library floorplans.

There are three "together units", to be used by laptop users for group work, on level 8 of the Edward Boyle Library. Each table can have four laptops plugged in and allows each user to share their display on a large screen at the end. You can also plug in headphones to consult to audio-visual material as a group.

The need for quiet should be respected in all other areas. Phones can be used in the Phone Zones but must be set to silent elsewhere.

Group study area

Food and drink area

On level 8 of the Edward Boyle Library there is an area for cold food and drink. 

A "no food" and "only bottled water" policy operates throughout the rest of the Edward Boyle and all other campus libraries to avoid mess, damage to Library resources, and offence to others.

In the Brotherton Library, customers with food and drink should use Parkinson Court. 

In the Health Sciences Library, customers with food and drink should use Worsley Café 7.

Eating, phones, talking allowed