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Laidlaw Library opening times


View tasks that can only be done in core hours.

Closing arrangements

30 minutes before closing time, all the group rooms will be locked.

15 minutes before closing time, staff begin to close the rest of the building, starting on floor 3.

Café opening hours

Find out more about Caffè Nero on the Great Food at Leeds website.

Laidlaw Library floor plans

Laidlaw Library study space

The Laidlaw Library has 900 study spaces with flexible group study areas, 20 bookable group work rooms and booths, and silent study spaces. Silent study spaces are available on levels 1, 2 and 3. Group study rooms, booths and areas are on all levels.

Drinks with lids are allowed in the library. Please consume other food and drink outside.

If you leave the library for more than 30 minutes, please take your belongings with you.

Accessible student study rooms

Description: Room 1 and 2

Additional notes on capacity: Each room can accommodate one student and a personal assistant


Accessible study room 1 is on floor 2 and room 2 is on floor 3. They have a height-adjustable desk, PC, large letter keyboard, tinted overlays, magnifying sheets, dimmable lights, book stand and whiteboard.

Assistive software on the PC: Jaws, Zoom Text, Mind View, Read and Write, Naturally Dragon Speaking (room 2 only).

The rooms are for students who have a completed Assessment of Needs resulting in longer library loans.

Rooms are available for 30 minutes per session. You may book a maximum of four sessions (2 hours) per day. Last booking time is one hour before closing.

Group booths

Description: Booths 9 – 12, 14 – 18 (up to 8 people); Booth 13 (up to 5 people).


Group booths 9-14 are on floor 1, booths 15-18 are on floor 2. They have Air Media screen sharing, PC, large screen, HDMI and USB sockets.

Group booths are for groups of three or more.

Booths are available for one hour per session. You may book a maximum of two hours per day. Last booking time is one hour before closing.

Group rooms

Description: Rooms 1 to 6 (up to 8 people); Rooms 7 and 8 (up to 6 people).


Group rooms 1-6 are on the ground floor, room 7 is on floor 2 and room 8 is on floor 3. They have whiteboards, AirMedia screen sharing, HDMI and USB sockets.

Group rooms are for groups of three or more.

Rooms are available for one hour per session. You may book a maximum of two hours per day. Last booking time is one hour before closing.

Laidlaw Library IT and printing

Computer facilities

180 computers, and 14 timed-access computers, are available throughout the Laidlaw Library.

See how many seats are currently availability in IT clusters on campus.

Laptop loans are available on the ground floor.

IT Services provide more information on assistive technology and any adjustable furniture available in computer clusters.

The Student Education Service provide a list of free to use software, apps and online tools for students, which includes assistive technology resources.

Print, copy, scan

Print zones are on all floors. Each MyPrint device can print, copy and scan.

Buy printer credits in advance from the MyPrint portal. Otherwise, use the credit machines by the stairs on the ground floor.

More information about printing, copying and scanning is available from the University IT service.

Read the Library's copyright information to check what you are allowed to copy.