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Access other university or public libraries

SCONUL Access scheme

The SCONUL Access scheme is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We cannot process new applications or renew applications, and we, and other participating libraries, are not accepting visitors from other libraries under the scheme.

We currently anticipate the scheme will restart on the 15th November 2021

How the scheme works when there isn't a pandemic

You can make use of other university libraries through SCONUL Access. SCONUL Access is a scheme that allows many university students and academic staff to use or borrow books and journals at other participating libraries.

What access you can get

Full-time undergraduates can use the libraries of most participating universities for reference only.

Academic staff, full- or part-time postgraduates, distance-learning, or placement students can usually borrow from other libraries as well.

Apply to visit another library

Apply to visit another library via the SCONUL website.

If your application is approved you will receive an email confirmation. Take this with you to the library (or libraries) you wish to visit, along with your staff or student ID. Please contact us if you need help with this.

If you are a student from another University, find out how you can access Leeds University Library under SCONUL Access.

Visiting another university library during the summer vacation

Undergraduates and taught postgraduates of the University of Leeds may use the libraries of universities participating in the SCONUL access scheme during their summer vacations for reference only.

You do not need to apply to SCONUL for vacation access. Just make sure that you bring your Leeds student card with you when you visit.

Check the vacation dates of the library that you plan to visit in advance, as they may differ from ours. Some libraries may also allow access during Christmas and Easter vacations, but check this with the library you wish to visit.