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Forward plan 2022-2025

Open Higher Education

Sponsor – Associate Director: Content and Discovery

O7 – Further position libraries as a leader in open research.

KR1: Support the launch of Open Higher Education summit in 2022.

KR2: Develop an institutional open research and rights retention strategy by January 2023.

KR3: Develop simple and easy to understand communications (and tools) by December 2023.

KR4: Negotiate an initial set of publisher deals that support full open access by December 2024.

KR5: Embed Open Research practices across schools by August 2025.

KR6: Review and accelerate our approach towards open Infrastructures by December 2024.

Linked strategic priorities: SP6, SP7

O8 – Actively support diversification and decolonisation of collections.

KR1: Complete the diversification of reading lists pilot project by August 2022.

KR2: Define service offer in relation to the diversification of reading lists by December 2023.

KR3: Devise a sustainable plan to ensure language across all metadata is inclusive by June 2024.

KR4: Develop and implement acquisition policies that will actively support diversification of collections by August 2023.

KR5: Commission and acquire artworks that improve the diversity of our collection by August 2025.

KR6: Create research fellowships and student scholarships on the topic of collection diversification and inclusive practice on an ongoing basis.

Linked strategic priorities: SP6, SP15, SP18

O9 – Establish academic literacies development as an essential element of student learning.

KR1: Establish the Academic Literacies Strategy as a core element of the Curriculum Redefined programme and Learning Design Agency offer by September 2023.

KR2: Academic literacies development embedded throughout all taught programmes by September 2025.

KR3: Lead development of the institution’s co-curricular workshop offer and online resources, in partnership with academic and professional colleagues, to support students’ development as global citizens, by September 2025.

KR4: Design measures to evaluate the impact of the Academic Literacies Strategy by September 2023.

Linked strategic priorities: SP8

O10 – Establish a positive approach towards academic integrity.

KR1: Co-produce an easy-to-understand definition for academic integrity by September 2022.

KR2: Review the academic integrity test and tutorial and update it by June 2023.

KR3: Review and update academic integrity elements of online skills resources and workshop programme by September 2022.

KR4: Support the University in delivering on Academic Integrity Action Plan on an ongoing basis.

Linked strategic priorities: SP8

O11 – Support a positive research culture through responsible metrics and institutional systems/practices.

KR1: Update supporting material with responsible metrics content for academic reward and recognition processes by December 2022.

KR2: Devise a service for research metrics use in faculties and schools IPE (integrated planning exercise) by December 2022.

KR3: Support the faculties, schools and institutes through effective bibliometric data by July 2023.

KR4: Further raise institutional awareness of DORA and align related initiatives with the People and Culture plan by August 2024.

KR5: Support Research Information Management systems and process to improve researcher experience, research quality and impact by June 2024.

Linked strategic priorities: SP9

O12 – Establish libraries as the institutional lead for open educational resources (OERs) and position White Rose University Press (WRUP) as a globally recognised high quality press.

KR1: Invest in alternative forms for open textbooks by December 2023.

KR2: Take institutional ownership of OER agenda and develop an OER referatory by August 2023.

KR3: Raise awareness and promotion of WRUP to increase throughput of titles by Jan 2023.

KR4: Embed OER practices across the institution by engaging 20% of the schools by August 2025.

KR5: Surface relevant open resources as widely as possible by March 2023.

Linked strategic priorities: SP10, SP18