Leeds University Library

About the Laidlaw Library

When will the Laidlaw Library open?

The Laidlaw Library will open in Spring 2015.

Why do we need a new library?

At certain times of year, particularly during exam periods, our existing campus libraries are often completely full, with every seat occupied. The Laidlaw Library, with nearly 1,000 extra seats, will address this issue. It will also have facilities for group work, bookable space, on site academic skills support and conveniently located café facilities.

What books will the library have?

The High Demand Collection and Core Texts will all transfer from the Edward Boyle Library - over 5 km of books in total.

Will it be open 24 hours a day?

24-hour opening is currently planned for exam periods.

Are any of the existing libraries going to close?

No, the Laidlaw Library will be in addition, and complementary, to our existing library buildings.  

What will happen to the Edward Boyle Library?

We are planning to undertake a major refurbishment of the Edward Boyle Library once the Laidlaw Library has opened to improve environmental issues, heating and toilet facilities.

Will the Laidlaw Library only be for undergraduates?

The bookstock that the library will hold is that which is most likely to appear on reading lists for taught students, however the study space and facilities are open to all members of the University.

How many computers will the new library have?

A PC will be installed at approximately one quarter of all the individual study seats and two thirds of the group study seats will have access to a PC for collaborative working. A laptop loan facility is also being provided. There will be 2 power sockets per desk in the individual study areas, and power supplied to the furniture in the group work areas. Wifi will be available throughout the building.

Is the new library environmentally friendly?

The building has been assessed as "Excellent" by the BREEAM standard, which is the tool most widely used to assess a building's sustainability. The Laidlaw Library will have a green roof and solar panels will be used to generate much of its electricity consumption.

Why is it called the Laidlaw Library?

The building will be known as the Laidlaw Library, in recognition of Lord Irvine Laidlaw's gift of £9 million in support of the project.

Will there be a café?

There will be a café on the ground floor, and it will stay open later than most of the other cafés on campus.  There will also be vending machines and space outside the turnstiles for you to eat your own food.

Is putting a Library next to a nightclub a good idea?

An acoustics engineer was a member of the team that designed the building and noise from the nightclub will have minimal impact on study conditions inside the building.