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Find articles relevant to your subject by searching databases.

Look at the guides to get the most from each database.

These databases are available for use by Leeds staff and students both on and off-site within the terms of the license agreements. Off-site users will need to login using their Leeds username and password.

You can also see a complete list of databases for NHS

Key databases


Covers nursing and allied health. Search for journal articles, books, dissertations and conference proceedings. Coverage from 1960 onwards.


Search for journal articles in biomedicine and pharmacology. The database is updated weekly and can be searched back to 1980. A current awareness service provides alerts for newly added content. Compared to Medline, EMBASE has a more European bias, and only about one-third of the journals are covered in both databases. 

Global Health

Search for journal articles, books and less traditional publications from more than 125 countries. In addition to comprehensive coverage of the core international public health literature, the database includes significant unique content, particularly in the areas of tropical medicine, infectious diseases, vector control, food safety and epidemiology. Coverage starts from 1910.


Search for journal articles and other reference types in medicine, dentistry and nursing, including biomedicine, medicine, nursing, dentistry, allied health, pre-clinical sciences. This includes material from across the biological and environmental sciences, psychology, and chemistry. The database is updated frequently and can be searched back to 1950. A current awareness service provides alerts for newly added content.

Ovid Databases

More than 100 core and niche databases to support a variety of research needs in a wide range of disciplines including clinical medicine, pharmacology and more. The powerful combination of Ovid's rich database implementation with Ovid's advanced search features, natural language processing, sophisticated linking technology, and customizable display options, offer a unique, integrated database solution ideal for all users.

Guide to using Ovid Databases


This database enables you to search for journal articles, reports, books and unpublished reports in the fields of reproductive health, population studies, family planning, HIV/AIDS and related health issues, particularly in a developing country context. Popline includes links to the full text of free online documents but not subscription content. Coverage starts from 1970.


Contains journal articles, books, dissertations and theses in core psychology disciplines, behavioural sciences and mental health. It covers 1881 to the present day. A current awareness service provides alerts for newly added content. Updated weekly.


A service of the US National Library of Medicine that includes over 16 million citations from the journals in the Medline database as well as biomedical articles from further life-science journals. This version of Medline also includes PreMedline, references to articles that have been published but not yet included in the full version of Medline. The search interface is less easy to use than our normal Medline service, and many of the records in PreMedline don't have abstracts, but this is one of the most up to date biomedical databases available. Also includes some links from references to full text journals. A current awareness service provides links for newly added content.

Guide to using PubMed

PubMed online tutorial with guidance produced by the database supplier.

PubMed help: A section inside the database that offers a variety of assistance on basic and advanced searching.

The Cochrane Library

Cochrane reviews represent the highest level of evidence on which to base clinical treatment decisions. Search these and other reliable sources, including other systematic review abstracts, technology assessments, economic evaluations and individual clinical trials. Coverage from 2005 onwards.