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Connect and display your screen

Group work with Airmedia

AirMedia is software that wirelessly connects up to four personal devices to a big screen, so that you can each see all of the connected screens at once. You can share group work from different devices, or use the screens to discuss and compare different items at the same time.

AirMedia screens are available in group rooms or booths in the Laidlaw and Edward Boyle Libraries.

How to share your screens

You will need to download the AirMedia software to your device to connect to a screen. You must be connected to the eduroam wifi network to use AirMedia.

The instructions below show how to download the software to your Windows laptop or Android personal devices. Airmedia cannot be used with a Mac laptop or with iOS devices. The software does not give the Library any access to your devices.

Windows Laptops

To download the Airmedia software to a personal laptop, do the following:

  • Visit the Crestron AirMedia website
  • Scroll down to the header “Choose the model that's right for you”. Beneath that, in small text, will be a link that says “Click here to download the latest AirMedia apps”
  • For Windows laptop computers, select the “Windows Deployable Application”

Android devices

To download the Airmedia software to an Android device, do the following:

  • Go to the Google Play store page for the Airmedia App
  • If you cannot use the link above, then:
    • visit the App Store on your device or use a browser to get to the Google Play store online
    • search for “Crestron AirMedia”.

IP addresses

Once the AirMedia software is installed on your personal device, you may be asked to enter the IP address of the screen you wish to use.

Use the tables on the next pages to look up the IP address for the booth or room you are using in the: