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Lost items

If you have lost a Library item, report it to us as soon as possible. Replacement charges may apply.

We will record the date of your report and search the libraries to double check whether it has already been returned. If it is not found after 14 days, we will charge for a replacement. We can invoice sooner if you wish.

Replacement charges for lost items

The standard replacement charge for an item is £50.

We will issue an invoice for any replacement charges. Once you have paid your invoice, we will clear your record.

If you find the item and have already paid the invoice, we will refund the replacement charge.

If you find the item but we have already replaced the book, then no refund is payable but you can keep the item.

Replace items yourself

You can choose to replace an item yourself. Replacement charges will not apply.

Replacement items should be:

  • in new or as-new condition
  • the same or a later edition
  • from the same publisher.

Make sure that you send your replacement item to us yourself, rather than using the mail service of an online retailer. We need to know who has sent the item so we can update your record.

If the item is found after you have replaced it, you may keep it.