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Study space

Bookable study space

There are bookable group study rooms in all the libraries, individual postgraduate study rooms and postgraduate group rooms on level 13 of the Edward Boyle Library, and accessible study rooms are also available.


What you need to know

You must check in to your room online within the first 15 minutes of your booked session or it will be cancelled. You can do this using the QR code displayed in the room, or by following the link in your confirmation email.

Each person has a maximum booking allowance of 3 hours per day. You can have up to 3 bookings at any one time, but they must be for different days.

The majority of our study spaces are available without booking. There are lots of different spaces across campus for drop-in study. Use Spacefinder to find a space that suits you.

We continually review the use of our spaces and listen to student feedback, so contact us with feedback and suggestions.

Group study spaces

There are two types of group work space available to book: group rooms and group booths.

A minimum of three people can use a group room. The system shows the maximum number of people that can fit into each space.

One person should book the space on behalf of the group.

Group rooms on Level 13 in the Edward Boyle are for postgraduate use only.

Connect 4 with AirMedia

Group spaces have AirMedia screens. AirMedia is software that wirelessly connects up to four laptops on a big screen in a group room or booth in the Laidlaw or Edward Boyle Library. You need to download some client software onto your laptop or device for this to work.

Download AirMedia client

Postgraduate study rooms

Postgraduate students may book individual rooms on Level 13 of the Edward Boyle Library.


In the booking system, select:

Location: Edward Boyle Library
Zone: Level 13
Category: PG-Only spaces

Contact us

Please contact us by email or webchat if you have any enquiries.