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Library Makerspace

Make. Experiment. Learn.


About the Makerspace

The Library Makerspace has a wide range of equipment, IT and software for creative projects of all kinds. It is open to all students and staff, for personal, individual or group projects. Come along to create physical or digital objects, attend an event or workshop, and get technical help and advice in a supportive community space. Make your creative ideas a reality in the Library Makerspace!


Online resources for ideas and inspiration for what to build and make in the Library Makerspace. The DIY culture of making is quite open, so many creators provide instructions or designs for reuse.

Using the Makerspace

You must read and agree to our policies and safety measures before using the Makerspace, so we can create safe, respectful and enjoyable experiences together.

Behave well, respect other users and the equipment, and be kind

More on Code of conduct

Share nicely, don't be greedy and don't waste resources

More on Fair use policy

Don't steal other people's stuff, have integrity and acknowledge the work of others

More on Intellectual property guidelines

Contact us

Get in touch

For questions or suggestions, contact us by email

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Book an induction

You need to complete an induction to use the space or specific equipment independently. Book a scheduled Induction or visit the space.

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Join the mailing list

Join our libraries mailing list to be notified of events, new equipment and workshops

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Request equipment

Request equipment or supplies you would like us to add to the Library Makerspace by email

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Make a suggestion

We'd love to receive your suggestions for improvement by email

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Share your creativity

Email us to share your creation on this site - add a blog post, video or design to our makerspace resource repository

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