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Request a book

Request items on loan

You can make a request to recall items that are out on loan. This gives the person who has the item seven days to return the item to the Library.

This request and recall system ensures that popular items are available to as many customers as possible.

You cannot request 1-day loans or high-demand items. You will also not be able to place a request if there is a copy of the item available in the library.

See “What can I borrow?” for information on how to request items for click-and-collect.

How to request an item on loan

To request an item:

  • Find it using the Library search.
  • Sign in to see the requesting options.
  • If there are items at more than one library, you'll need to choose where you want to collect it.
  • Submit your request.

We will send a recall email to the customer who has the item.

Collect your requested item

When they return the item we will email your University account to tell you that it is ready to collect from the self-pickup area for requested items.