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Support your PhD students

As a postgraduate supervisor, you can refer your PGR students to our Research Support Team for advice and support at all stages of their research journey.

Please make sure that your students know that they may access our services through:

We can offer advice and support for transition and induction, researching and managing literature, data management planning, publishing research and open access, research visibility and thesis submission into White Rose eTheses Online.

Transition and induction

We introduce all the support and services available to PGRs at the start of their PhD with:

Researching and managing literature

We support PGRs with literature searching and reference management through:

Data management planning

There is a requirement for PGRs to have a data management plan by the time of transfer.

We can provide advice to supervisors and PGRs on data management plans and we provide regular research data management essentials courses.

Publishing research

We can provide advice and support to PGRs on identifying appropriate places to publish, including evaluating journals, using metrics and databases to identify sources, and identifying predatory journals and conferences.

PGRs are required to deposit all newly accepted research outputs in the University’s publication database (Symplectic) no later than 3 months after the date of acceptance for publication. We can advise on this process and will check and apply any publisher embargo periods, making their output open access on White Rose Research Online as soon as copyright and licensing permits.

Research visibility

We can help PGRs think about how they might increase the visibility of their research by providing advice on:

  • how to get an ORCID ID
  • how to link their ORCID to the University publication database (Symplectic)
  • using consistent names and affiliations on publications.

Thesis submission

All student must deposit their doctoral thesis into WREO, the White Rose Etheses Online repository. We manage WREO and can provide support and information on best practice, including considering copyright issues and how to present the thesis and additional files so they are accessible to a wide audience.