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Using the Makerspace

Code of conduct

We are excited to welcome you as a member of the Library Makerspace community. These guidelines are to ensure a safe, respectful and enjoyable experience for everyone. If you become a member of the Library Makerspace, use equipment, or participate in activities, you agree to commit to this Code of conduct.

1. Respect others

Treat all Library Makerspace members, staff and visitors with kindness, respect and consideration. Harassment, discrimination and any form of bullying will not be tolerated. Everyone deserves to feel safe and valued in the Library Makerspace.

Find out more about the University of Leeds policy on dignity and mutual respect.

2. Collaborate and share knowledge

The Library Makerspace is a space for learning and collaboration. It is a place to share your knowledge and skills with others and be open to learning from them as well. We encourage creativity and constructive feedback, as well as acknowledging contributions by others through gratitude and citation, when appropriate.

When sharing a learning space, it is important to understand when others would like advice and when they would prefer to work through a problem. Please be aware of this and always ask whether your peers would like guidance before offering it.

3. Follow safety and security rules

Your safety and the safety of others are of utmost importance. Always follow the safety guidelines:

  • use equipment according to guidelines, ie do not try to bypass safety measures, perform repairs, or otherwise make changes
  • don’t use materials you have brought from a personal supply with Library Makerspace equipment, without prior approval
  • use digital and online resources within the guidelines of the University of Leeds Use of Computer Systems policy (PDF).

If you are unsure about how to use a tool or equipment safely or securely, ask for assistance.

4. Respect the equipment

Every visitor has a responsibility to look after the equipment and tools in the Library Makerspace so that they can continue to be used.

To be a responsible user of the Library Makerspace:

  • report any equipment issues or damage immediately to the Library Makerspace staff
  • do not borrow or otherwise remove Library Makerspace equipment or tools from the Library Makerspace without express permission, including taking them into the areas of the Edward Boyle library immediately outside the Library Makerspace
  • do not provide access to the Library Makerspace for people who have not completed a health and safety induction without prior permission
  • do not misuse, damage or deface the Library Makerspace furniture, building or equipment, including computer systems.

5. Clean up after yourself

Keep the Library Makerspace organised and tidy. Make sure the space can be used as easily as possible by all members and that the equipment can be well maintained.

Clean up your workspace and put away tools and materials after use, in particular:

  • return all tools or equipment to a safe state or location after use
  • clean up mess created from equipment or tool use
  • dispose of all waste properly and recycle where possible.

You must not consume food or drink whilst using any Library Makerspace equipment or other electronic technology.

However, refreshments are permitted in the space, if care is taken to ensure that:

  • food and drink are kept away from equipment
  • drinks are in bottles or covered with lids
  • any drops or spillages are dealt with immediately to ensure the safety of others.

6. Be mindful of noise

Makerspaces can be lively and noisy places. But please be mindful of the noise level to ensure a productive environment for all.

If you need to have a discussion, consider what people around you are doing. Adjust your volume as appropriate. Consider moving your discussion to a more suitable area, such as the open spaces outside the Makerspace on Level 9 of the Edward Boyle Library.

7. Follow the Fair Use policy

Adhere to the Library Makerspace policies on materials usage, time limits and reservations for equipment or workstations.

At times, the demand for equipment and computer usage could exceed availability. You are asked to be sensitive to the needs of others and limit your equipment and computer use during times of heavy demand.

The Library Makerspace may take additional steps to regulate equipment and computer use during busy times, such as requiring reservations or setting time limits.

Further information on this can be found in our Fair Use policy.

8. Respect privacy and personal boundaries

Respect the privacy of others and their projects. Don't touch or modifying someone else's project without their permission.

Be aware of the rules regarding personal projects and storage areas for ongoing projects. Make sure you are storing and accessing your ongoing projects in a way that is respectful of the work of others.

Respect the personal property of other members of the space, including allowing machines to finish creating others’ work before scheduling your own.

Ask for consent before taking photos or videos that include other Library Makerspace members.

9. Report concerns

If you witness any violations of this code of conduct, or encounter any problems in the Library Makerspace, please report them to the staff immediately.

This includes any accidents or incidents that are near misses where you have or could have sustained an injury to yourself or others. There is a requirement to report these so measures can be put in place to lower the risk of similar occurrences in future.

We are here to help and ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone.

11. Prohibitions on manufacturing

Library Makerspace members must not manufacture inappropriate or illegal creations while using Library Makerspace equipment, including:

  • any kind of weapon or implement designed to cause harm
  • hateful or prejudiced iconography
  • items created in violation of intellectual property regulations.

12. Bringing your own device

The use of laptops and other personal computing devices is permitted in the Library Makerspace. You may connect personal equipment only to the wireless network, or to ports designated for such use.

Use of personal equipment, such as extension, adaptor, or power cords, must not pose a safety hazard for others.

13. Sharing your creative work

The Library Makerspace is intended as a community innovation space and is open to students and staff. Use of the Library Makerspace does not create any intellectual property obligations for members. The only intellectual property rights (PDF) are those of the University of Leeds as a whole.

You may wish to make your designs, plans, or the final outcomes of your creative projects available to others. Consider publishing your artefacts, or representations of them, online using a Creative Commons licence. This allows you to set the terms of how you share and what other people are legally allowed to do with your work.


Library Makerspace members or visitors found to be in violation of this code of conduct may be directed to leave the premises.

Members exhibiting repeated unsafe or disrespectful behaviours may have access privileges suspended or revoked.

By following this code of conduct, you contribute to creating a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive makerspace community. Let's work together to make the Library Makerspace a hub of creativity, collaboration, and learning!