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Study space

Accessible study rooms

There are two accessible study rooms in the Laidlaw Library, four in the Edward Boyle Library and one in the Brotherton Library.

For more information about assistive technology in our accessible study spaces, as well as information about accessible facilities across Library buildings, please visit our accessibilty page.

How to book

Using the Library study space booking system, select the 'accessible study spaces' option in the 'locations' drop down menu. You can then choose your preferred Library site in the 'category' drop down menu. Select the time slot you would like from the booking grid, you can then fill in your details.

You can have up to 3 bookings at any one time, and each booking can be up to 3 hours long. You can book up to 7 days in advance. If you wish, you can have all 3 bookings on one day. 

Bookings must be reviewed and confirmed by a member of Library staff. Once you have submitted a booking, the first email you receive will say that your booking is awaiting staff review. You will receive a second email when the booking has been confirmed. 

The booking allocation for accessible study rooms is separate to the booking allocation for group rooms and other study spaces. This means you can have up to 3 accessible study room bookings in addition to 3 bookings for other study spaces. 

You do not need to check into accessible study room bookings. 

Please note that if you make your booking between midnight and 8am when the library is open 24/7, it will not be confirmed until after 8am. Please speak to staff on reception if you need any help.

Any questions?

Contact us if you have any questions about these spaces.