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How to book a room

Find out what different types of study spaces are available for students to book in the Laidlaw Library and Edward Boyle Library.

How to book a room

Before you book a room for the first time you need to activate your Library account. All you need to do is visit any Library and swipe your student card through a turnstile.

Sign in to the room booking system using your University username and password.

Group rooms and booths are for groups of three or more. You may book a maximum of two hours per day. Last booking time is one hour before closing.

Book a room and you will be emailed a PIN. You need this to access the room.

Check-in to your room

Don't forget to check-in to your room.

To check-in, scan your student card outside the room you booked and enter the PIN you were emailed. Your booking is now secure and the box will go from amber to red.

You need to check-in to the room within 10 minutes of the start time. If you don't, your booking will expire and the box will show green. The room is then available for other groups to book, even if you are in the room.