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Renewing and returning

Once the loan period has lapsed, you will be asked to return or renew your item. Your Library record will state any return dates and whether the item has been recalled.

You should return the item to the library that you borrowed it from. If you are not in Leeds, please return the item to the library by post.

You can also renew the item. You can do this online, over the phone, or in person. Standard items can be renewed up to 50 times.

How to renew items

You can renew items:

  • online through your Library record
  • at the self-issue machines
  • at the enquiry desk
  • via the IT and Libraries tab in Minerva
  • using the Leeds Uni App
  • by phone (call 0113 343 5663 – press 0 to speak to a member of staff during core hours)

You may not be able to renew if:

  • it is not a standard loan (eg High Demand item)
  • it has been requested by another customer
  • you have lots of fines on your record or other overdue items.

Find out if you can resolve these issues online. If there is no online solution you will need to contact us.

How to return items

Please return items to the Library that you borrowed them from. During vacations, or if you are not in Leeds, please return the item to the library by post.

Our Libraries have different procedures for returns.

You can return items at the Brotherton Library and Health Sciences Library using the self-issue machines, or the book return box by the entrance. You cannot return items when the Libraries are closed.

To return to the Laidlaw Library, use the book return slots next to the lifts on the ground floor or the slot outside the Hillary Place entrance near the revolving door. If the Library is closed, use the return slot at Hillary Place.

To return to the Edward Boyle Library, use the return slot in the foyer near the reception. You cannot return items when this Library is closed.

Renewing overdue items

You can renew overdue items, as long as they haven’t been requested by another customer, via self-service or your online Library record.

If your items are more than 2 weeks overdue you will not be able to renew via self-service options, but you can still renew by contacting us.

However, if you have an overdue recalled or High Demand item, you will be unable to renew this item via self-service, or borrow any new items. Fines on these items will not show within your Library record until you return them.