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Recalled items

All standard and core-text items can be recalled by another customer at any time, including during vacations.

All customers get at least seven days with an item, even if it has been recalled. After that time you will be asked to return the item and will be given a new due date. Please note that we may be asking you to bring it back early.

Your Library record will be updated as soon as a request is made, and we will also send you an email that states the new due date. You can also check for requested items using the Leeds Uni app.

How quickly do I need to return a recalled item?

We will ask you to return the item within three days. The following customers are allowed seven days to return an item:

  • part time students
  • Healthcare, Dentistry and Medicine students
  • Education students
  • disabled students
  • research students
  • Lifelong Learning
  • external members
  • staff.

If you do not return a recalled item by the new date, you will start to accrue fines. Postal returns will be counted from the postmark date, rather than the date we receive it. 

If you have any doubts about your ability to return a recalled item on time, please contact the Library