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Developing your students' academic skills

Teaching in the curriculum

Skills@Library offer services and resources designed to help you develop your students’ academic skills. We can deliver academic skills teaching within your module or degree programme, as well as teaching resources that you can embed in your Minerva module area or use in your teaching.

Contact us to find out how we can support academic skills development in your programmes or modules.

Academic skills activities and workshops

We work in partnership with academic staff to design, develop and deliver discipline-specific, curriculum-based academic skills activities. These can be for face-to-face teaching or for online support.

For example:

  • We have delivered workshops for postgraduate nanotechnology students to help them learn about plagiarism and the conventions that underpin academic practice and to develop their critical thinking skills.
  • We have created discipline-specific academic writing resources, in collaboration with programme leaders, to support first-year Business School students making the transition to writing at university.
  • We have worked with the School of Healthcare to develop innovative elearning resources for students returning to nursing who need support with maths.

We also provide an open workshop programme that covers a wide range of skills, including academic writing, reading strategies and presentation skills. These workshops are free of charge and available for students to book onto themselves.