Leeds University Library

Making a request

Complete an online document supply request form. You must use a separate form for each item you request.

You can also access the request forms by logging into your Library record and clicking "New Document Supply Request".

When you submit your request the webpage will display a confirmation message stating that your request has been sent to the Library.
There is no further notification advising that your request is received.

If you need further help placing your request please contact us.

Copyright declaration

If your request is for a copy of an article, conference paper or a chapter from a book, you must agree to a copyright statement on the request form. Only do this if you are sure your request complies with copyright regulations. The copy will then be provided for your personal use only - you must not supply a copy of it to anyone else.

It is against copyright law to be supplied with more than one article per issue of a journal, more than one paper from a particular conference, or more than one chapter from a book. If you require more than one item from the same publication or have already been supplied with a copy from the same publication, you should request a loan of the full item and we will try to borrow it for you instead.

How long will my request take?

We cannot guarantee delivery within a specific time.
The majority of requests arrive within two weeks, and very straightforward requests (such as articles from major journals) may arrive within a few days. Requests for obscure items can take several months.

We try to keep you informed on the progress of each request; if an item is not immediately available you should receive email notification within 7-10 days informing you of this. Electronic articles can only be accessed within 30 days of delivery.

Can I cancel my request?

Yes, but if we have incurred a charge in processing it, the £10.00 charge to you will stand.
If we are ultimately unable to acquire an item for you we will refund your £10.00.