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Make items available for students

Leeds Reading List system

There is a new reading lists system that affects how tutors create and update reading lists. These pages have been updated with new guidance and support materials.

Use the Leeds Reading Lists system in Minerva to create or update your module reading lists. We will purchase new items if needed and link them to your list.

Please check our reading list progress page to see the volume of requests we are currently working with, if you haven’t heard anything from us.

Reading lists that you make publicly available will appear online through the Find Lists webpage.

How to use the Leeds Reading Lists system

Take a look at our step-by-step video guides on how to create, add to and manage your reading lists on Minerva. Click on the 3-bar menu icon in the top right of the video to navigate to individual videos in the playlist.

Quick start guidance

Here’s some quick start guidance for how to get started with the Leeds Reading List system:

  • Create a new list
    In the reading list system click “New List” and give your list a title. You can select from one of the existing templates or start with a blank list.
  • Add sections to a list
    Structure your list by adding sections. You can add as many sections as you need, allowing you to divide content by week, by topic or by resource type.
  • Add items to a list from Library Search
    Add resources to your list using the library catalogue search.
  • Add webpage items using the Cite It tool
    Cite it! lets you add resource details directly from a website. To install the tool, go to the user icon, click Cite it! then drag and drop into your bookmark bar.
  • Use tags for Core items or to request a digital copy
    Tag your items to let your students know which resources are essential reading. You can also use tags to let the Library know which items you would like digitising.
  • Make notes to students
    Leave information for your students by making public notes on citations or sections.
  • Communicate with the Library
    Get in touch with the Library by using Library Discussion.
  • Publish your list
    When you are ready to make your list available to your students, do this by clicking “Publish”. You need to re-publish your list for each new academic year.

Update your lists

Even after you’ve published your list, you can make updates whenever and as regularly as you want. You don’t need to re-send the list to the Library – we will pick up any updates you make.

Check your reading list stats

Use the “View List Analysis” function to see how much your students are engaging with the resources on your reading list.

Managing your lists

The videos also give guidance on how to manage and manipulate your reading lists, covering the following topics:

  • See what students see
  • Add another list to a module
  • Reuse a reading list for a different module
  • Export a copy of your reading list

Other help and support

We recommend that you also check the Minerva Service blog for information about any current technical issues.

If you need further advice or support, please email the reading lists team (